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Gajurmukhi Herbal Pvt. Ltd (GHPL), after its establishment in 2003, has been involved in cultivation, sustainable wild harvesting, processing and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) within the country and abroad. Our main objective is to utilize locally available natural resources by enhancing the livelihood support for local farmers and collectors. GHPL has been facilitating for the plantation of potential MAPs (in accordance to its suitable geographic regions) by providing training and awareness regarding good harvesting practice especially for wild species.

We are extending mass scale cultivation and production of herbs by following the good cultivation practice with buy back guarantee for uplifting the status of the community people. Our 19 hectare of land is already certified organically at present with NOP/US equivalent and EU equivalent from January 2017 and 10-20 hectare will be added from this year. We produce 3.6 mt of citronella oil, approximately 800 kg of yellow zedoary oil annually. More than 450 persons are involved directly and indirectly in our various cultivation sites, including our own nursery.

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We have processing site located at mechinagar Jhapa and at Illam.

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